Aggression vs. Reality

Yep, its that time of year again. The time when guilt sets in as we realize we ate way too much over the holidays and now want to buckle down..again and start that fitness program…again. I always wonder about this though. I mean if the goal is healthy living, why is it that people take off time from Thanksgiving to New Years to splurge, over indulge and then start all over again? I think it’s because we are too quick to start with a BANG and by the middle of the month, the year or the end of the year we have fizzled out.

Today, I want to write something I hope will help. Perhaps we aren’t successful because we are too aggressive to begin with. I mean really if you are not a five day a week gym person, the chances of you starting and sticking to such a regiment is hopeful at best. I mean maybe you are good to go through the first part of January, you might make it until February but by the time Spring rolls around it is a pretty good guess the old habits will spring up. Why? Well not because you don’t want to take care of yourself but because your real life does not support an hour long 5 day gym regiment. So, how about tapering back and committing to 1 hour one day per week? I mean anyone can do that, right? And anything you do over that is gravy.

Yeah, yeah I know probably not aggressive enough, right? I mean you gained like what 5-10-15-20 pounds or more? You want to lose it and lose it quick! Here is another reality: believe it or not you didn’t gain all the extra overnight (although in some cases I used to feel like just looking at cake put 5 pounds on Believe it or not small changes done consistently yield BIG results over the long haul. Plus you build confidence and motivation to keep going.

Hey and let’s not forget the food, right? You have to be aggressive in eating the right foods most of the time and not only when it’s convenient. Giving up some of the things you love temporarily is totally worth it if it improves your health and well-being. Learn not to eat for emotions, learn not to eat for the sake of eating, get yourself someone who will help you come up with a real plan you can live with on your terms and still get the real long-term results I personally hope to see you have.

Well, that’s it for today, except I ask you to make sure the plan you have is in alignment with your goals. Starting too quickly, too slowly or even worse, not at all, is not conducive to getting fit and staying healthy for life. Not sure if you’ve got the right plan? Send me a message I’d be happy to help you review your plan and make sure it’s the best one for you, your goals and your life.

Here’s to you and your best health in 2015!

Hugs and smiles,


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