Sunday thoughts…

The longer I continue on this journey, the more I realize how important accountability is to long-term success. It is so simple to lose track, get lax, lose hope and give up when we do not have anyone expecting us to stay true to our commitments. Fit Buddy is here to help people. People who feel hopeless and never think or believe they can get healthy and stay that way. I mean how many have tried the “get thin” “get healthy” quick diets? How many have gotten totally confused with all the do’s and don’ts thrown at us by magazines, television and social media?

I am looking for clients who really want to change their lives and just need some real direction. They want someone to help them find their way and stay there. Now, please understand, the goals and regiments we begin with will change as our lives do. I mean I myself can relate. Four years ago, my kids were younger, needed more of my time and attention, but now I have one in college and three in high school. They do not need so much of my time, but I am now married, I go to school, I teach classes, you get the idea. My old nutrition and exercise routine worked before but it does not work now. But, before I realized I had to change it, I went back to my old habits and gained most of my old weight back. Let me just tell you, it gets more challenging to to do each time you have to redo it.

I do not want that to be you! By partnering with Fit Buddy, we walk with you step by step for as long as you will have us. We are affordable, practical and realistic. I can not promise you will lose 30 pounds in 1 month but I can promise you we will hold you accountable and be your biggest cheerleader.

Your success is our greatest achievement. I look forward to all the clients I am meant to help.

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