Obstacles vs. Opportunity

In life no matter what the arena, there will always be challenges or obstacles on our way to our goals.  How we decide to approach the challenge dictates the end result.  So it is important to have the right mindset and make sure your perspective lines up with the result we desire.  Let me give you a good example.

Using various at home workouts, I successfully lost 30 pounds.  I was so excited with my progress, but did not continue with my regiment either intentionally or unintentionally.  The next thing I knew I’d gained all the weight back and then some!  Ok, no problem. I tried a fad diet although research had told me fad diets never work for the long haul.  But see I wasn’t thinking about the long haul, all I knew is that I had to lose the weight quick and I was willing, for the short haul to do whatever was necessary to look and feel “normal” again.  So I gave my money, signed up and miserably followed the regiment.  It wasn’t long before the weight came back down again, hadn’t reached my goal weight but I was definitely looking and feeling better.  My husband was happy, I was kinda happy, others around me were impressed.  But, in the back of my mind, I knew I could not keep up such a diet and feared what would happen when I jumped off the bus.  Bam!  30 pounds gone again in record time, hadn’t reached my intended goal once again, but had to reintroduce some of what I loved so I could be happy again, right?

So, you know what happened next, right?  I gained all 30 plus another 20 to boot back.  Now I am mad, frustrated, angry and disappointed because every time I was on the right track, I got off the track and fell into a deeper hole than the one before it.  So here it was my 60 pound obstacle, more weight than I ever had to lose in my life.  My first thoughts, jump on a fad diet, start making unrealistic expectations, pay an obscene amount of money to try and get all the weight off quick.  I mean I am a health educator, right?  I needed to look the part.  Who would listen to an average or even overweight person encouraging others to find a regiment that works and stick with it?  My weight was this huge obstacle and I was gonna once again do the crazy to get my life back.

But, then, I stopped myself realizing I did not want to do again what I had done in the past.  The first time, I did the right stuff but didn’t keep going because I was not good at following through.  The second and third times I deprived myself, making myself and my family totally miserable as I became food-focused.  I did not want quick anymore I wanted realistic and long-standing and here was my opportunity, yes that’s right opportunity to use this obstacle as a way to show others how to do it right.

Exercise because I want to, be active because I want to, eat well or not because I want to.  It is a marathon not a sprint, I don’t have to get there fast, I just need to get there because it’s not about a dress, a special occasion or anything external, it is now more about just doing the things I enjoy and my weight loss how fast or how slow simply being a by product of me living life on my terms.

So, for all of you facing an obstacle today, look at it instead as an opportunity to do something great, be something great.  Perspective makes all the difference…so keep watching and I will see you on the downside of my extra pounds.



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